Music is one of of our obsession here in Roses and Vintage shop! A vintage closet is often linked to some good tunes, and we like to be inspired by music while we're looking for our dreamy outfit...

Is n't it? So that's why iIt deserves a little space in the blog! Once a month You are going to listen 10 pieces selected for you....I suggest you to use this soundtrack while you are scrolling the shop and drinking a glass of rosé wine!

Enjoy the Roses soundtrack of the month ;)

1- Angelo Branduardi - Cogli la prima mela

2-Beatles - Lucy in the sky with diamonds

3-Lana Del Rey - My Religion

4-Kate Bush - Babooska 

5-St. German - Rose Rouge

6-Simon and Garfunkel - Feeling Groovy

7-Pink Floyd - Green is the color

8-Lucio Battisti - I giardini di Marzo

9-Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane

10- Valerie and her week of wonders - Soundtrack

"...E rivedevo i suoi vestiti

Il piu' bello era nero coi fiori non ancora appassiti"

(Lucio Battisti, I giardini di Marzo)

"White was the light that shines trough the dress that she wore"

(Pink Floyd, Green is the color)