This time we have not only the muse of the week! I would even call Georgie the "Mom of the year" ! The love she has for her children really spreads out from her photos! You should follow her Instagram page (user name: chasingtheirmagic)  if you are into the hippie 70s fashion because her style reflects the most bohemian ethnic aspects of that decade. Indian kaftan dresses, amazing prints, Afghan coats: Georgie looks so stylish even at home. And her babies just do the same ;)

Let's interview her! 


-Hi Georgie!  Tell us something about yourself...

Hi,  i’m Georgie, a full-time mum to Casper (6 months) and Luna (almost 3).  We live Worcester in in the UK. I’ve got a small online vintage clothes  shop on Etsy, Luna Rose Vintage (named after my daughter), but it’s been  in ‘holiday mode’  for some time now whilst I had my baby boy! I’m  hoping to get it reopened in the coming months, everything takes that  little bit longer now I have (and not much sleep )

-We  love your 70s fashion sense, your passion for the prints and the true  bohemian style you wear. When did you begin to hunt vintage gems for you  and for Luna Rose Vintage Shop?

Thank  you! I guess I’ve always been drawn to vintage. As a child my mum would  drag me round charity shops hunting for bargains (which I hated as  child and now adore). From the age of 6 my mum would take me to amateur  dramatics with her and we would take part in many plays and shows... I  loved all the costumes - either hand-made by the lovely volunteer  seamstress or vintage – i loved the drama of it. I actually always  wanted to be an actress from then on. Id planned to go to drama school  in London after finishing high school- but full-time work and travelling  took over! 

After having my daughter in 2014, I  decided not to return to work and instead look after her full-time.  That’s when I finally opened my own little vintage shop, and spent most  of my maternity leave with her hunting for vintage gems for my shop. It  was the best!

-Do you buy vintage clothing also for your children?

Yes  I absolutely adore finding vintage for my children, particularly Luna.  She has quite the collection now - her beautiful 70’s velvet waistcoats  and embroidered dresses are some of my favourites. She’s just about to  turn 3 and sadly has just hit that age where she doesn’t really want to  wear what mama wants her to wear – she’s very headstrong! She would  probably wear her ‘princess’ dress-up outfits all day if I let her....

-Let's talk about your closet! Which are your favorite pieces?

I’m  really drawn to prints – particularly indian block prints from the late  60’s early 70’s. My favourite pieces are probably my collection of  vintage indian kaftan dresses. So easy to throw on in a hurry (important  for tired mums) but with maximum impact  and my collection of Afghan coats – it grows every year. Anything with big, dramatic sleeves i have to have! 

-What's your last exciting purchase?

Being  a full-time mum now, i don’t have the disposable income that i once had  to spend on treasues for myself often. That being said, i recently  found an amazing late 60s early 70s paisley kaftan dress on Ebay for an  absolute steal – I’m eagerly waiting for it to arrive!

-...And the pieces you are looking forward to buy for this season? 

I’m  keeping my eyes peeled for an amazing pair of 70s, denim bellbottom  dungarees and wooden platform sandals! In the winter I’m drawn to dark,  rich colours – velvet bellbottoms, paisley, sheepskin and suede  layers...with it now coming into Spring here in the UK I’m keeping my  eyes peeled for floaty, cheesecloth pieces with angel sleeves, 70’s  denim skirts, embroidered blouses...and hopefully some dreamy pieces to  add to my shop.