I'm sure that many of you, vintage lovers, bohemian souls on Instagram, were waiting to know more about this popular babe on Instagram! 

Breezy (IG user name: missbreezyschweetz ) defines herself the soul twin of Edie Sedgwick , and we can see by the looks she wears that she's got a true passion for the 60s/70s ,that she is also a romantic spirit like a Penny lane. After that, I can tell you that she is friendly and kind, very enthusiast to have an interview for Roses and Vintage.

 Hi Breezy! Tell us something about yourself...

Hello! My name is Brissa Monique, I also go by Breezy. I've lived  in Orange County my whole life and I'm currently saving up to move even  closer to Los Angeles. (Although, my goal is to eventually live in  France) I work in child care which I love, as well as I sell some of my  vintage finds and goodies from my closet in my Depop shop  @breezyschweetz ! I am an actress, painter, writer, budding  photographer, eccentric... I do a little bit of everything actually! My  love of vintage hunting stems from my love and training in theatre. I'm  interested in any and all kinds of art, and I'm always looking for new  people to collaborate with and put our imaginations to play. I also have  a brand new creative endeavor on its way; a band called The Zipguns  which I will be fronting. Stay tuned. -We read in your bio "artiste, actrice". Can you please talk about this?

Yes! "Artiste, actrice" just describes myself as one with the art  forms of acting, dancing and singing. Visual arts such as fashion as  well. I've loved all of these art forms since I was a small Breezy and I  get inspired to incorporate each in my visual creations.  Performing in  theatre and studying acting for years was actually what fueled my love  of vintage fashion. Being apart of the journey of a character from paper  to stage, and film, is amazing to me. There is a specific moment that I  remember which helped me put together my love of acting and love of  vintage. One of my first acting teachers had me perform a monologue from  the play and film Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The monologue was from the  character of Maggie, which was played by the amazing Elizabeth Taylor in  the film. (Who is one of my biggest inspirations too!) I was barely 18  years old at the time, struggling to make my character real and "adult".  I was trying to find the highs and lows of a sensual woman in an  unhappy marriage, which was difficult for me at 18 haha. My teacher then  gave me advice I've never forgotten. She told me I had all the words  right, but she didn't feel as if I fully got the character just yet. She  instructed me to go home, find something sensual and "womanly" to put  on and paint my lips the darkest red I could find. So, I went home and  found one of my mother's sexy looking nightgowns from the 60s. I  remember picking at the delicate lace and thinking of what my character  would think of herself wearing this. The nightgown was beyond gorgeous,  so I couldn't help but feel just as beautiful in it. It gave me a  confidence in my character that I didn't have before. I followed her  advice and wore the nightgown and painted my lips dark red for my  monologue. It was one of the best performances I believe I ever did. I  finally got that the art forms of acting, dancing (physicality),  dialogue, wardrobe, makeup, lighting, everything was all put together to  create a finalized version of my character. From then on, my  imagination went even more wild for the visual and performing arts and  that's when I started to truly appreciate vintage pieces. When I would  find pieces after that moment I would start to ask questions, "who wore  this?" "What type of person were they?" "How did they feel in this?" It  is all super interesting to me and helps me work on my art in a deeper  way than before. It all connects for me and that is what I've discovered  about my love for all of these art forms.  

-Who are your favourite fashion icons?

I am inspired by so many! My absolute top is my soul twin from  the 60s, Edie Sedgwick. She was wild and free and always ready to dance,  I relate so much to her and her wardrobe choices. My other favorites  are definitely glam rock icons David Bowie and Marc Bolan. Punk rock  icon Joan Jett. And of course the ultimate groupie muse and flower child  Miss Pamela Des Barres. As well as The GTOS! Most of my favorites stem  from the 60s/70s but I adore 1910s, 20s & 40s Old Hollywood as well.  70s Biba looks and The Ziegfeld Follies girls will always be my  favorites as well. To be honest, I just love it all. There's inspiration  in each decade, so I never turn down a good feeling from an  inspiration. I just wear what feels right in the moment, always. -What are your favourite vintage pieces?

I love all the ones I've found! Honestly, I think they change  based on my mood. Today my top three favorites are first, a vintage 1969  embroidered sheepskin afghan coat. The woman I purchased it from said  she wore it all the time in the 1960s! To imagine what that coat has  seen, ah amazing. The embroidery is stunning, I'm addicted to anything  embroidered by the way. Another favorite of mine are some vintage  Jerrold Edouard boots. They are red and white checkered lace up boots.  All the shoes I've seen of his from the 60s/70s are stunning! I'm so  lucky to have found a pair my size that I love. I also recently found my  third favorite, which is a vintage 1980s Sister Max dress. The dress is  fully beaded and sequined apart from some lace and it is so gorgeous. I  feel like the most glamorous flapper in this dress. I need to be buried  in it.  

-Your last vintage purchase...

A vintage 1960s Victorian Prairie prom dress. I cannot wait to do an  open field shoot with it. It's the perfect piece for my ultimate flower  child goals. The forest nymph in me feels incredibly glam and free in it  all at once. -...And what you are looking forward to buy!

Anything! Everything!? I always look forward to vintage and  thrift shopping days. There are so many hidden gems everywhere! It's  very exciting to hunt around. I always get a great feeling when I've  found something amazing that I need to own, so I always look forward to  that feeling. My credit card sure doesn't though.