One of the most interesting profiles on Instagram is @crimsonandclover ! She's Devyn, a true eccentric mind. If you like the 60s fashion, if you are looking for a vintage look inspiration, if you just want to have fun watching the incredible transformations in her idols, that she can do with the make up, hair and clothes, well...Just follow her! Currently she's also running a contest that everybody can enjoy, doing what she does: post your look alike photo on your Instagram too! You will find more informations on her page. I want to do it and I'm so excited! 

But now, let's have a chat with her! 

 -Something about you...

My  name is Devyn, or Dev as my family and friends like to say... either  works for me! I grew up in a teeny tiny town in Northern Wisconsin with  just under 300 people but recently moved to the big city of Chicago! I  work at Ulta Beauty and do freelance makeup jobs.

-Your love for the past and for vintage fashion is huge! How would you explain it?

My love for vintage is the result of a 6 year obsession. I've always been sort of eccentric, as  a lot of my family members would say, and I used to be super into  theater. I think that love plays a large part in how I dress and do my  makeup today. I really have a big personality and I try to express that  through fashion for the times when I can't vocally. Sometimes I like to  joke around and create different characters with my outfits and makeup,  but when the day is done vintage is me. I don't have to try hard to  dress vintage (a lot of people ask me how I do it), because it just  comes naturally. Sure its something that has developed over time but  it's just my style and my creative outlet, which a lot of people don't  understand. 

-Who are your fashion icons?

Ah,  of course the lovely Pattie Boyd! She's my number one style icon and  has been since the start of my vintage endeavor. I saw photos of the  Beatles with Pattie there and I just fell in love. I wanted to look like  her with her stylish outfits and pretty doll-like eyes. It's funny, I  have had my fringe on and off since 6th grade but fell in love with the  60s at the end of my freshmen year... just goes to show that I've always  been vintage at heart. Other style icons for me include Miss Pamela Des  Barres, Marianne Faithfull, and Edie Sedgwick---oh, Twiggy too... that  should go without saying, but just incase!

-What are the favourite vintage pieces you own?

I  love them all for different reasons, but if I had to choose I would say  my green paisley dress and my vintage maryjanes (both the white and  grey pair). I love my green dress because... GREEN and the pretty print  that its covered in, plus its a nice lightweight fabric which isn't  always easy to find in vintage clothes. I am such a shoe snob. When it  comes to my vintage shoes I usually have to buy actual vintage because  recreations won't have the proper toe shape or heel height and  thickness. It can be a real challenge to find vintage shoes in my size  sometimes, so when I find the perfect pair I am on cloud 9. 

About your last vintage purchase...

My  last vintage purchase was just before I left for Chicago. My mom and I  drove to Sedalia, MO to this amazing vintage shop and I got the cutest  items. A pair of yellow, purple, and green shoes that I ended up passing  onto another vintage lover because they were too small, a groovy floral  top, a beautiful suede fringe jacket, and an amazing vintage suitcase  in great condition. 

...And the vintage pieces you would love to find soon! 

I  would die if I found a pair of true vintage go go boots in my size!  That would be the most magical day and I would probably live in them for  the rest of my life.