We love vintage, and we love handmade! But I must confess, I also like to follow the last trends, specially during this season: it's so decadent, so 70s reminiscent.

The fashion catwalks are showing us a new aspect of the bohemian trend. It's a little bit less wild America and more parisian-chic, less country-girl, more romantic-poet. And my latest inspirations go just to the poets and to the painters,  to their huge and floaty sleeves.

So I made the first bell sleeved top by myself, from the cotton fabric of a vintage dress, and It did sold out in few hours...I've decided to make others like this, and here is what I have now available in the shop! I like the maxi sleeves made out of soft fabrics because they are so effortless chic. They've got the power to make you feel sexy, beautiful, and still comfortable: you can hide behind them and play like a colorful butterfly wearing your favourite jeans. 

Make them yours on the shop!  

Tops: Roses and Vintage

Jeans: Pull&Bear

Bag: Roses and Vintage (sold out)

Shoes: Sweden clogs 

Special guest: The swan

Photography: Stefano Grassi @stefano_ned