Have you ever seen a modern Cleopatra dressed in beautiful original 20s clothes, hats and shoes, with a perfect bob á lá Louise Brooks and a unique vintage charisma? Here we meet Colleen alias @vintage_egyptologist in Instagram, because we are enchanted by her particular style. Let's talk with her about her work as egyptologist, and her incredible wardrobe! 

 Hi Colleen! Tell us something about yourself....

I am an  Egyptologist, and with my husband, John, I work on an archaeological  expedition in Egypt for several months out of the year.  I have written  six books about ancient Egypt, including a translation and commentary of  historical fiction written by the ancient Egyptians.  My most recent  book (co-authored with my husband) is the first single volume English  translation of the Netherworld Books, the texts in the tombs in the  Valley of the Kings.  When we aren't doing Egyptology, we love vintage  parties, especially 1920s and 1930s, and dancing the Charleston, Lindy  Hop, and Foxtrot.

We see you have  a special interest also  for vintage fashion and for the 20's decade...

The  1920s are really the first "modern" fashion era (you have to go back to  the Regency period to find non-corseted dresses), and I love the  freedom of movement (especially for dancing) that the dropped waists  provide.  I find bobbed hair not only fashionable, but incredibly  practical - especially in the heat of an Egyptian summer - and cloche  hats are the best!  For evening looks, I also love bias-cut 1930s  evening gowns, the ultimate feminine look!

Your favourite fashion icons....

Louise  Brooks!  I have also studied the life and designs of Natacha Rambova,  who later became an Egyptologist, so she is definitely one of my  favorites.  And for maintaining high fashion standards in desert  environments - Rosita Forbes!

The favourite vintage clothes and accessories from your closet

1920s:  A white silk dress with asymmetrical hem and beaded neckline that may  be by Lanvin and a black robe de style with floral lame decoration;  1930s: a black silk evening gown with deco detailing.  Hats: an  elaborate orange straw hat encrusted with small flowers and  rhinestones.  Coat: definitely a black wool and ermine coat with huge  stand-up collar and fur cuffs (with an ermine tail on one cuff).  and  for work in Egypt: a pair of 1930s wool jodhphurs

Which are your latest vintage purchase?

1930s  pink and yellow rayon beach pajamas and a stunning 1920s red and black  opera coat with a huge collar and floral details (both from Wildfell  Hall that I purchased at the Jazz Age Lawn Party)

....And the vintage pieces you are looking to buy for this season

A few more 1920s hats and some deco jewelry.