While we've been studying her fashion style, just watching old photos of her bohemian beauty and dreaming, Anita Pallenberg was still alive, older then us and full of a charisma that most of us will never have. So yes, this post is to remind us that we all are human beings, while she is immortal. A character without comedies, a woman larger than life.

They call her muse, and this is what she was for them, her immortal friends, the members of The Rolling Stones.

For all of us, she became something very similiar, a fashion icon. Quintessence of the 70s boho-chic aesthetic: She took everything from the 60s era but she destroyed it, just like the Stones did with the blues. The golden bob became messy, the black kajal of the eyes smudged, harder than an hippie, so decadent, rock, almost punk. Anita Pallenberg has been one of the first girls to become famous with her "effortless chic style" (more than BB, years before Kate Moss). 

An icon who survives in all of us: in every eco-fur we throw on our jeans+shirt when we are too lazy to dress up but the voice of our fashion style keeps on speaking. When we would like to feel sexy in stilettos but we finish to wear go-go boots with our super mini skirt. When we find that a Moroccon kaftan dress is the best solution for an easy sunday lunch with friends. When we buy that hat just to freack out, when we wait to cut our bangs too long, and more than ever, when we  still love our femininity, and we don't care.  

R.I.P. Anita Pallenberg.